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Maynards Discovery Patch Sweets

Sweets are strictly a treat in my house. I don’t use them as reward for good behaviour (I read somewhere doing that encourages them to associate sweet things with happy times thus encouraging emotional eating).

But kids are kids and I’m not Gwyneth Paltrow so if they ask me for a sweet, sometimes I say yes. I like to have a bag (just one!) in the house so if they ask, I have something to hand and they can have one or maybe two. I think you can imagine their delight when we were sent a bag of Maynards Discovery Patch Sweets – a new range of fruit flavour jelly candy. They’re sweet (of course) but not overly so which I like. In fact the kids had two (for review purposes!) and as they didn’t taste like liquid sugar, they weren’t climbing the walls begging for more.


We received the Body Bits selection containing various body bits including feet, bones, brains and teeth. The outside of the pack offers puzzles, including an educational tour of the body, providing information on where each body bit should go along with facts demonstrating how amazing humans really are. I learned something – did you know that teeth are as unique as fingerprints or that adult bodies contain 206 bones?

The packaging also gives you the chance to download the Explore and Play app, just scan the code and get stuck in!

Maynards Discovery Patch range is available from all major retailers and has an RRP of £1.52.

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Review: Vitabiotics Feroglobin

Since the birth of my children, I seem to constantly feel tired. In the early days it made sense; waking up every 2-4 hours a night for what felt like an eternity (but was really about a year) almost sapped the energy and life force out of me. I can see why sleep deprivation is a form of torture.

Because I don’t eat meat, only fish, my Mum says I’m tired because my iron is low. She is probably right; during both pregnancies my blood count was low enough for them to prescribe me iron tablets. Once they were born, other than a multi-vit from the supermarket, I’ve not paid much attention to my supplements until now.

Now I feel like I’m tired even when I do get what I think is a good night’s sleep. Determined to do something about it, I have started taking Vitabiotics Feroglobin Plus. If the name Vitabiotics sounds familiar it’s probable because you, and everyone you know, took their Pregnacare tablets.


Vitabiotics Feroglobin is a formulation of iron vitamins, with B12 and folic acid to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. Sounds like most parents I know need some! The original Feroglobin contains, among other things, vitamins B6 & B12 which contribute to normal energy release plus vitamin C, folate and pantothenic acid. The ‘Plus’ is the extra ingredients of Siberian Ginseng, vitamin D3, Co-Q10, L-Carnitine, Green Tea and Beetroot Extracts.

Iron is important as it contributes to normal cognitive function, energy release and normal function of the immune system. Feroglobin Plus is good for growing children, menstruating women (take extra when on your period), during pregnancy, vegetarians and athletes.

I prefer a liquid for fast absorption but Feroglobin also comes in a slow release capsule.

If you’re constantly feeling tired (and aren’t most of us) I think it’s worth seeing if an iron supplement can help. And try to get some more sleep of course!

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The Story Of The Vikings Sticker Book

If you are planning on visiting the British Museum any time between now and June, you might want to take a look at the “Vikings: Life and Legend” exhibition. The event helps kids discover the world of the Vikings: their culture, achievements, artistic, religious and political ideas.

Usborne released a great new Vikings Sticker Book in January to coincide with the lead up to the British Museum’s “Vikings: Life and Legend” exhibition.


It’s a humorous sticker book illustrated with busy scenes from Viking life and written in consultation with an historical expert. It’s a fun look at history on its own but even better for children who have enjoyed the exhibition and want to explore the subject further.

The exhibition at the British Museum is free and runs until June 22. Bookmark it as something to do during half term or on a rainy weekend. And if you watched all the Thor movies (which I did, mainly  to see the lovely Tom Hiddleston) the book helps to put all the mythology into context.


Love you Tom!

The Story Of The Vikings Sticker Book – £6.99
Usborne Books

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Here Be Monsters for iPad

Here Be Monsters is a popular Facebook game, played by people aged 13 and upwards that is now moving to iPad.

We were invited along to the games developer’s offices to preview the new game and for the kids to have a chance to create a new monster that would be put in the final version of the game.

I’m very choosy about what my children play; anything with fighting, guns, killing, kissing etc is strictly off limits. I had a good talk with the developers and a play of the game (I wasn’t every good!) and it is something I would let my kids play. They need to be old enough to read as there are instructions to follow but once they’ve got the grip of that it is something you could definitely play together.

These are Lily’s favouite characters – harmless enough I think.


I’ll let this video explain how the game works:

Here Be Monsters is free to download via the App store. Be warned; it’s kind of addictive!

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Labeling Up With My Nametags

If you have children, they have probably brought home someone else’s school jumper/PE kit/gym shoes. On the second day of last term Lily lost her brand new school pullover. She says it has disappeared into the ether but I reckon with all the mayhem that must take place in the girls changing room, someone else is probably wearing her brand new John Lewis jumper (can you tell it still smarts?!)

One way to keep hold of the objects you have bought, and something I wish I had done sooner, is to label their each and every belonging with their name. Unfortunately I’m not the crafty type so have never bought the ones you sew onto their possessions. Instead, I like the low maintenance sticker type.

My Nametags are new colour stickers which can be used on clothes; simply apply a sticker to the clothing washing label, and it will stay on when you wash again (and again).


You can also use them to label shoes, bags, lunchboxes, DVDs, iPods, books – you name it, you can label it. Handily, they are dishwasher, microwave and steriliser proof.

With My Nametags there is no ironing or sewing required; just choose from the myriad of designs, backgrounds and colours for a fully personalised product. I got 56 for them both which might seem like a lot but with two kids in two different schools, I’ve used almost half already and I’m hoping to save the rest until the new school year’s uniform.

My Nametags are available from and prices start at £11.95.

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