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Summer Books For Kids Age 5 and Under

The summer holidays are but around the corner which means inevitable days stuck indoors and cries of ‘I’m bored!’ Or maybe you’re lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere which could mean long travel times and more cries of ‘I’m bored!’

Either way, prepare yourself now with my favourite distraction – books!

My First French Word Book – £7.99
Kingston is in Reception where he has been learning French so we are loving this new board book of simple French words. We practice a new word and phrase every night to reinforce what’s learned at school. If you are travelling to France this summer this book is a must take to help them use all the words and phrases they’ve learned at school. It looks like a picture dictionary so is very easy and covers subjects like ‘Les animaux’ and ‘Mon corps’. I had a great time reading it with him as it brought back to mind all the French I learned (and loved) at school.

usborne summer books

The Usborne Third Big Maze Book – £7.99
Kingston is really into mazes and puzzles at the moment so there’s lots of fun to be had with this 60-page book of mazes. He gets to dodge aliens, lead lost explorers and smuggle pirate treasure as he works his way through the book. The mazes get progressively harder so they might need a little help as they get closer to the end which results in some nice quality time together.

I’m putting both books on an easy access shelf in preparation for August!

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Infinatura Cura Oil

Infinatura Cura Oil is a luxurious multi-purpose blend of eight 100% natural oils that have been specially combined to help rejuvenate the skin, hair and nails.

infinature cura oil

Cura Oil contains Camellia, Argan, Red Mandarin, Bergamot, Sunflower, Crambe Abyssinica, Geranium and Vitamin E each with own beauty and healing properties to keep you pampered from head to toe throughout pregnancy and beyond. You can use it pretty much anywhere on your body and at anytime in your life!

During pregnancy it helps in the prevention of stretch marks as it replenishes lost moisture in the skin. You can add a few drops to the bathwater or use it as an after shower all over moisturiser. Apply twice daily (morning and night) to the areas where you are gaining weight, such as the tummy, thighs and bust area, then gently massage it in. This will keep the skin silky and supple – a little goes a long way so just a few drops of the Cura Oil will be sufficient.

You can also use Cura Oil in the following ways:

  • Relieve common skin conditions life eczema and psoriasis
  • After waxing to reduce inflammation and redness
  • Soften calluses
  • Hydrate dry skin
  • Cura oil contains mono-saturated essential fatty acids including Omega-9 that helps to rebuild the skin’s structure, whilst Vitamins A, B & E nourish and protect against free radical damage
  • Repair damaged and dry hair when used as an overnight treatment
  • Strengthening nails to prevent peeling and splitting and hydrate and strengthen the nails after wearing acrylic or gel nails

I like to use use it on my skin and hair and after the kids’ bath to give them a gentle massage before bed.

Infinatura Cura Oil – 100ml/£35.00

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Last Minute Gifts For Dad

Don’t worry there’s still time!

We love Lush (see previous praise heaped on them here) but weren’t aware they did much for the man in your life. We tried new Refresher shower jelly (Exclusive to Lush Oxford Street and Lush Kitchen Online) and Cosmetic Lad facial moisturiser.

Refresher (£6.95) is not for the faint hearted! Tell Dad to keep his jelly in the fridge or freezer between baths or showers. The rush of cold on his skin will send blood pumping to the surface, increasing circulation and delivering a super-refreshed feeling. This bright yellow jelly contains fresh organic lemon infusion, lemon oil and organic lemon myrtle to blow the cobwebs away. It will certainly help to wake him up in the morning!

Lush gifts for Dad

Cosmetic Lad (£12.50) is rich and creamy multi-purpose moisturiser for men that doubles as a calming, soothing protective aftershave balm. It contains shea and cocoa butter blended with aloe vera gel to soften, calm and heal skin sore from shaving. Chamomile and marigold herbs also reduce reddening, itching and the dreaded shaving bumps.

gifts for dad

Pretty much every Dad has a sweet tooth so indulge him with a limited edition Champion Dad Toblerone bar (£4.99). It’s a lot of chocolate for one person so be sure to all make sure you get a triangle! Or keep it classic with Terry’s Chocolate Orange (£2.75). Again, it’s one for sharing – the segments have already been divided so everyone can have a piece! You can get both from all good supermarkets.

Toblerone 400g Fathers Day bar

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New Low Sugar Oat Cheerios

We are pretty strict about breakfast on school days; it’s almost always either Weetabix or porridge with some kind of natural sweetener like raisins or chopped banana.

At the weekend I’m more relaxed about what they eat and that ranges from scrambled eggs on toast, pancakes or a slightly sweeter cereal. If they do choose toast, I make sure they get their calcium with soya yoghurt topped with something of their choosing.

Both kids are big fans of Nestle Cheerios but with a considerable amount of sugar in the standard box, it wasn’t something I would buy very often.

We were recently offered a couple of boxes of the new low sugar oat Cheerios which are high in fibre and have just 1.4g of sugar per serving and are made with 98% wholegrain. The kids have them as a weekend cereal, as a yoghurt or ice cream topper or as a snack simply poured into a bowl.

Nestle Low Sugar Oat Cheerios

Low sugar oat Cheerios are a great way to start the day without overdosing on sugar and sending them into the world as high as a kite!

Low Sugar Oat Cheerios is available in all good supermarkets with an RRP of £2.49.

*PR sample*

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Learning To Read With The Alphablocks

Kids love Alphablocks, we love alphablocks. I even tell my friends from other countries to watch so they can learn how to properly pronounce English words. Alphablocks is one of the many gems currently on CBeebies.

We were sent four titles to read:

D’s Drumming Din
P’s Popping Pony
G’s Gorgeous Garden
R’s Rough Ride

alphablocks books

In the Alphablocks books, the alphabet is brought to life by the letters which hold hands and make new words through song and adventure. The books are a great way to introduce phonics to your kids. As Kingston is in Reception, we are quite familiar with phonics but use the Alphablocks books to reinforce lessons, methods and words taught at school.

At the end of each story (which the adult or child can read) are extra activities to go over the phonics taught in that story.

As well as the above titles, there’s also an Alphablocks: Writing Made Easy wipe clean activity book to help with early handwriting.

The books are out on June 4 2015 and are published by Egmont Publishing.

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