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The Dettol Baby Blanket Donation

Dettol Antibacterial Laundry Cleanser has teamed up with UK children’s medical research charity, Sparks, to donate baby blankets to underprivileged children in the UK and abroad.

‘Dettol’s Baby Blanket Donation’ aims to promote the dangers of bacteria on blankets and highlight the shortage of baby blankets available to infants born to disadvantaged families.
Every minute of every day, approximately 50 babies are born into poverty and will experience conditions lacking basic essentials including hygienically clean blankets. Poor hygiene conditions can contribute to illnesses such as diarrhoea, vomiting and dehydration.

Laboratory tests commissioned by Dettol – on washed blankets donated by volunteer mums – show that baby ‘blankies’ carry a variety of bacteria even after a 40°C wash with a third of the washed blankets harbouring coliforms – a group of bacteria linked to faeces.

Dettol are encouraging mums to “keep the memories, not the bacteria” by donating a blanket via Freepost and sharing their special recollections and photographs of their babies’ blanket on social media. Once collected, the baby blankets will be hygienically washed with Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser before being re-distributed by Dettol to families in need. Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser has also pledged to donate £1 to Sparks for every blanket collected to raise much needed funds for UK families with children who are affected by serious illness or disability.

Celebrity mum of two, Rachel Stevens donated the first blanket and is calling out to mums across the UK to share their memories and donate blankets to needy children. She said: “The Dettol Baby Blanket Donation really resonated with me as a mum. I remember bringing my girls home for the first time in theirs and what a special time that was. Many babies across the world will never get the chance to experience the comfort of a warm, clean blanket. That’s the reason why I’m supporting the campaign, asking mums to donate blankets to those in need so that those babies don’t miss out.”

Celebrity Mum Rachel Stevens

Celebrity Mum Rachel Stevens

For details on how to donate please visit

Blankets can be donated via Freepost (no stamp required) to:

Dettol Baby Blanket Donation
The Hay Loft
Balcombe Place Stables
RH17 6AZ

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Review: TaskRabbit (part 2)

Yes, I’ve reviewed TaskRabbit before (see here) and as I was impressed with them first time round, was very pleased to be asked to review the service again.

Now the kids have gone back to school (Kingston’s first day was this week – tears all round, especially mine) my house is recovering from what ended up being 8 weeks of one child or another at home.

As we didn’t go away this summer, we played in and out of the house and the telltale signs are there. With one child (or a cousin or a friend) around at all times, I was never able (or thought it worth it) to do more than a superficial clean.

Now I’ve reclaimed my house along with the TV remote, I see the need to really go to town, especially in the kitchen.

The desire to deep clean the house is there but the will just isn’t. As I work from home, my time is literally money so the thought of spending 4 hours cleaning the oven/walls/inner recesses of the kitchen is enough to bring me to drink. Call in Task Rabbit! I booked Nixon and he did a thorough and quick job of de-childing my kitchen!


Booking a cleaner (or gardener, PA, someone to help you move house, put up IKEA furniture or a handyman) is really easy. Choose the task you need completing, choose a Tasker, chose a time and date and arrange the logistics online. You pay online too so there’s no awkward moment of handing over the money.

Task rabbit is perfect for busy parents with an overflowing to do list, do what you can/want and outsource the rest. Even if you spend the time your Tasker is working at hour house on the sofa drinking wine and watching re-runs of Come Dine With Me, you deserve it!

*PR appointment*

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Review: Tutorfair

Tutorfair is on online marketplace to find a tutor for your child. But for every student who pays, a child who can’t gets tutoring for free. They partner with inner city schools that have a high proportion of students on free school meals. The class teachers choose the students and Tutorfair tutors go into the school and tutor those students for free. A very socially responsible way to book tutors.

tutorfair homepage

Tutorfair’s mission is:

To make the growth of tutoring good for everyone.
To make the quality of tutoring easier to measure and recommendations easier to find.
To help more inspirational people get into education.
To inspire more children to learn


Tutorfair uses the power of the Internet to provide a reliable source of data-based recommendations on tutors, enabling people to have more choice and make better decisions about tutoring than ever before. Because Tutorfair is a marketplace and automates the booking process, which is still manual in traditional agencies, they can afford to take smaller commissions. No other tutoring company opens-up and professionalises tutoring in the same way which means tutoring doesn’t have to be the preserve of the privileged few.

Lily is 8 and although she scored 3a in her end of Year 3 assessments, she still finds maths tricky. I did (do?!) too; of all my GCSEs I worked the hardest for my maths paper and still only managed to get a C (the lowest of all my GCSE grades).


Lily finds mental maths tricky as well as the 7, 8 and 9 timetables. I booked Serena (if she’s available ask for her, she has the patience of a saint!) for an hour of extra maths support.

She gave Lily some great tips of how to remember your times tables, how to use your brain and not your fingers, a little into to long division and the hour she was there flew by, I even learned a few tricks!

Lily said she found Serena really ‘patient, friendly and calm’ and still uses the tips she was given now (3 weeks later). Tutorfair work with children as young as Lily right up to adults in further education so whether your child is preparing the 11+, GCSEs, A-levels or needs help with further education, Tutorfair will have someone to support and accelerate their learning.

Which leads me nicely to competition time! Would you like to win five hours of free tutoring for your little one? To enter simply click here.

For more info on Tutorfair, visit their website

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Augmented Reality With Gamar x British Museum

What better way to cap the end of the 6 weeks holiday and ease the children back into learning than a trip to the British Museum in Central London. One of the capitals leading attractions, the museum first opened its doors way back in 1753 as a museum of the world, for the world. But now it seems they have, quite literally, added a whole new dimension to their Ancient Greece exhibit with the addition of the Gamar app.

Those clever clogs at Gamar have meticulously captured the Parthenon exhibit room and all its relics to literally bring them to life through augmented reality software. Augmented-what-now? I hear you cry. Well it’s a very clever bit of software that uses tablet or smart phone cameras along with a free app to turn a museum tour into a fully interactive gaming experience. It’s kind of like your favourite teacher.

We got to grips with one of the games available called ‘A Gift For Athena’ – Which tells the story of the Ancient mythical goddess Athena as captured on the relics from the original Parthenon structure. It’s a clue based game which has participants wandering around the exhibit room, not with their head in a tablet but fully immersed in the exhibition trying to match relics, which when found come to life giving further puzzles, even battles, to master before moving on.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 14.48.48

The whole experience was excellent and most of all it becomes a story that is never forgotten, learning through play a lot more fun then thumbing through a dusty text book in our opinion.

The app is available now as a free download with both Google Play and App Store platforms. Each game is then priced at £2.49. Schools, larger groups and family visitors can take full advantage of the Samsung tablets available within the onsite Samsung Digital Discovery Centre.

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Review: 50 Things To Paint & Draw

I will always remember my art teacher in year 7 (age 11) telling me I had the desire to be an artist but not the natural talent. That put an end to my dreams of being an artist. I thought it was harsh at the time but it turns out he’s right. I can’t draw to save my life. My other half however is brilliant so lets hope the kids take after him in that respect.

In the meantime we have this great art book from Usborne Publishing. Entitled 50 Things To Paint & Draw, it’s full of creative ideas for painting and drawing.

50 things paint draw

You can learn the basics of how to draw a cartoon face to slightly more complicated things like watercolours and oil paintings. Simply hand the child the book, provide a surface and some paints and that’s them quiet for a little while.

If, like me, you are artistically challenged, the 50 Things To Draw & Paint book is a great way to reacquaint yourself with the basics. I’m a huge fan; in fact I’ve not even let the kids touch it yet!

50 Things To Draw & Paint – £5.99

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