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Art Filled Fun at The National Gallery, London

With over 2,300 paintings on display we knew we would have plenty of inspiration during a trip to The National Gallery to trial some of their arts and crafts gifts. The event was hosted in the Trafalgar Room inside the National Cafe.

Lily and Kingston were very impressed with the activities on display and got, quite literally, stuck in from the word go. Both made a beeline for the Paint Your Own Mask set (£12.50) and unleashed their creative juices, one being more abstract and the other displaying a finer art side.


Kingston moved on rapidly to the Art Jar (£18.50) which contained a whole host of crafty bits; pom poms, pipe cleaners, sticky backed foam shapes, card, glue, glitter! It really gave him a chance to express himself and kept him occupied for a good length of time.


The Mosaic Masterpieces (£6.00) were very rewarding for Lily’s patience. It’s a sort of mosaic-by-numbers with numbered squares corresponding to coloured sticky backed foam tiles.


There were many other bits to try out; the Doodle Pencil Case (9.50) and Place Mat (£12.50) were pretty popular and functional too, the horse stencils (£6.00) again required patience but produced wonderful pictures for even the most clumsy of ‘artists’.


As well as fun activities to make and do there was a very impressive display of many other arty things that can be purchased at the gallery gift shop. Some of our favourites were the snapping head animals, the cat alarm key rings, a very impressive tiger – a press out card model that you assemble and can make move. The stackable snowman was also a big hit.


We will definitely be back to visit some of the exhibitions, pick up some great craft based toys for the kids as well as a copy of The 13 Artists Children Should Know book. It also gives us a solid excuse to visit the cafe again and indulge in some of Peyton and Byrnes gorgeous decadent treats!



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