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Book Reviews: Baby Jake, Bob the Builder & Everything’s Rosie

We are big readers in my house and I blame it all on my parents. My Dad said that from birth he put soft books in my cot which helped me develop a love of reading. when I got older and asked my Mum a question, instead of answering it she told me to either find the answer in the Encyclopaedia Britannica (remember those) or look in the dictionary. As a result I found joy in reading the encyclopaedia and the dictionary.

I plan on doing the same with my two when they’re old enough but for now I buy almost every book I see (and donate the ones they’ve read to death to charity). It’s easy to get them to read books based on their TV shows and as Kingston’s favourite channel is CBeebies, we’re currently reading Bob the Builder and Baby Jake. Lily says she’s too old for CBeebies but still enjoyed reading Everything’s Rosie; one of her favourite shows a couple of years ago.

She loves playing teacher with him and they’ve had great fun singing the Bob the Builder theme tune and putting the correct faces together in the mix and match book.


Baby Jake is one of my favourite shows too (there’s something about that theme song) and Kingston will quite happily sit quietly as we read about Jake’s snowy, tropical, farm and space adventures. As these are characters he is already familiar with, 20 minutes of sitting and reading goes quickly for him.


Kingston is a little old for the Baby Jake board books but they’re perfect for babies/toddlers and they have interactive elements like peek-a-boo holes, different textures and lift the flaps. My sister in law is due in 24 days and I know she will love these (she’s a head teacher and very fussy about what her children read/see/do!)


Unfortunately Kingston was over excited when the Everything’s Rosie books arrived so the book got dog eared and the magazine a bit torn (which resulted in tears) but once that was over Lily got her pencil case and spent over half an hour doing the puzzles and colouring in. She read both books in just over five minutes so they might be better for children who are just learning to read.


Baby Jake, Bob the Builder and Everything’s Rosie books are published by Egmont Books and prices start from £3.99.

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