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Book Reviews: Flying Like Flittermouse & A Royal Fairytale

I should start by saying that my 7 year old is somewhat obsessed with Kate Middleton. Maybe it’s because Kate is a real life princess as opposed to one on the Disney channel but on the date of the royal wedding, lily was up at usual school waking up time and was glued to BBC1 until the festivities were over. Imagine her glee when this book arrived in the post!

A Royal Fairytale
The book is pretty much the story off William and Kate (and the characters are even called William and Kate) and their journey from star crossed lovers to prospective parents. I think she’s read it about 4 times already (I gave it to her yesterday) and Kingston has heard it so many times that he’s officially sick of them. Not many 3 year old boys are into the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge I imagine.


The book is really sweet; it’s aimed at children aged 3+ so it’s simple enough for them both to understand and for her to read alone but is really engaging with beautiful illustrations and a lovely happy ever after. It’s pretty factual too!

A Royal Fairytale by Joanna Rivard and Adam Larkum – £6.99 Egmont Books

Flying Like Flittermouse
Flying Like Flittermouse is the story of a hamster that wants to fly. Of course hamsters can’t fly. Or can they? Readers get to meet the various characters in Bottlenose bay and there’s a lovely fold out map on the first page to entertain budding cartographers.


I’d say this book is for more confident readers but Lily read it to Kingston and he was listening along for almost all of it. Lots of detail and attention has been paid to the illustrations so children should have a good time pouring over those as well as the imaginative story.


Flying Like Flittermouse by Jan Fearnley – £6.99 Egmont Books

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