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Jump Up And Join In With Carrie and David Grant

My kids love Carrie and David’s Pop Shop; I’m not sure that it still comes on CBeebies but there are plenty of shows on BBC iPlayer.

I’m a music person at heart (theatre folk according to Modern Family) so I’m happy for them to improve their vocal and dancing skills with Carrie and David.

When I handed these two books to them, they squealed with delight. In Tesco’s car park. Meerkat’s Mohican and Sheep’s Jazzy Jumper are the third and fourth titles in a six book series all about making music. Each book comes with a CD featuring original sing-along song (recorded and performed by Carrie and David), a karaoke track, narration and musical and craft activities.

carrie and david grant jump up and join in

If you’ve seen Pop Shop you’ll know Carrie and David like their genres (hip hop, du wop etc) and each of the six books covers a different one. Meerkat’s Mohican for example is about rock and roll. It has two exercises ‘Strike and Pose’ and “Pitch Perfect’ as well as a craft activity of making your own shoe box guitar.

The different elements in the books mean children can access them at the level best suited to their educational and developmental level. Carrie and David have four children, each with different learning difficulties, so it was important  to them that their books could be adapted as appropriate.

carrie and david grant jump up and join in 2

The books are fun, easy to read and with great illustrations. Whether your kids are familiar with the Pop Shop or not, these books are great way to get them involved with music. Oh, and reading!

Jump up and Join in by Carrie and David Grant. Illustrated by Ailie Busby.
Egmont Books – £6.99 each

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