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Mrs Tinks Ready Meals for Children

While I’m not suggesting you feed your kids ready meals every night, some evenings you get in late from work or you simply can’t be bothered to cook and it’s at these times you might wish you could order takeaway for them and you.

While you can simply call the local Indian or Chinese restaurant, I wouldn’t recommend it for kids which is where something like Mrs Tinks comes in handy. Sized for kids aged 7+ (younger than that can probably share one between two kids) they are made for evenings when you don’t want to cook.

Mrs Tinks is currently only available in Ocado and comes in Fish Pie, Beef Lasagne and Chicken Curry, retailing at 2 for £6 until the end of July.


Mrs Tinks is in fact Julia Boddy, founder of London-based Tinks Food Ltd and working mother to three kids. She was time poor and desperate for a night off from the kitchen routine at the end of a busy day as an HR manager and after spotting a distinct lack of ready meals for older children she eventually decided to give up her job in HR to afford other parents the pleasure of seeing their children enjoy nutritious and tasty food that someone else has made. She said: “We’ve sold exceptionally well in south London and kept a fair few parents sane along the way because the kids seem to love the food – it’s a bit daunting becoming a much bigger brand, but we’re looking forward to the challenge and mastering cooking for the nation.”

Lily tried the Chicken Curry and it was just enough for her; she maybe left a mouthful and said it was spicy, but not too spicy, and she enjoyed reading the historical info about chicken and rice on the packaging. It was great for me to not have to cook – it reminded me of the days when you could warm up a jar of food in some hot water and be done with it!

Mrs Tinks ready meals contain no added salt or sugar, no artificial flavourings or preservatives and count as one of their five a day. They are perfect for lazy evenings when you don’t/can’t book but you still want to make sure they’re eating something nutritious.

Mrs Tinks Ready Meals – Ocado £3.49

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