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Olive & Moss Board Books

If you’re familiar with the Olive & Moss clothing range (I’m not) then you’ll already know the characters Louis the Lion, Michael the Monkey, Margot and Mo and Collette the Cow.


If you don’t know the clothing range, prepare to be wowed by some of the most stylish children’s books I’ve seen in a while. They’re almost too good to even read! As they have been designed for kids aged 1+ they look like they will make it through children’s hands thankfully.

The four books cover colours, shapes, numbers and noises and can be read to children from as young as you like; don’t wait until they are 1. Although once they are that age I suppose they can hold the book themselves.


The stories are simple and sweet and long enough to hold their attention without being too long and them getting bored. I’m a big believer in reading to children from birth onward (I left soft books in my kid’s cots so they could become friends with them) and these Olive & Moss stories are a very attractive and simple way to introduce the building blocks of learning.

According to my Head Teacher sister in law, they are very good for developing early communication skills and understanding key concepts: colours, shapes, numbers and noises and are perfect for ages 0-2.

Olive & Moss from Egmont Books £5.99 each. Published July 22 2013.

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