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Personalised Books: Me Books App & It’s Your Story

Whether you like old school printed books or new school digital versions; it’s really easy to personalise a book for your family.

Me Books app
Digitally you can use the iPad app Me Books app. Simply download the book of your choice (they have hundreds of titles; classics, books from my childhood (and I’m ancient) as well as new ones like Peppa Pig and Elmer. You can record the whole book so you’re reading it to them, you can all record various characters so it’s a family affair or you can have a celebrity voice read to them. We loved recording our voices; Kingston in particular and it was great fun having them read to themselves. It doesn’t replace special reading time between parent and child but it’s a fun way to use the iPad that’s actually educational!


Me Books app is also great for long drives and holidays when you don’t want to take an entire bookshelf away with you. You receive a free book to get started and downloads start from £1.99 at the App store.

It’s Your Story
It’s your Story takes a story of a parent and child visiting the zoo and makes it personal between parent and child. The tale follows parent and child as they visit their local zoo together and meet all the animals from pandas and pythons to penguins and hippos. You send the publishers a pic of the parent and some info on the child (name, age, favourite food, friend’s name) and all that info is included in the story.


The parent features in all the illustrations and the child’s name and information about them such as their favourite food, their address and the names of friends is incorporated into the storyline. The book is both fun and interactive, asking questions on every page such as “can you waddle like a penguin?”; “how many teeth has the crocodile got?”; “what colours can you see on the umbrella?”

Lily loved this idea; she even took it into school show and tell!

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