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Summer Holiday Reading: Fairy Animals of Misty Wood

With only a few weeks to go until the long six week stretch, it’s time to start thinking about things to do. If the past few weeks are anything to go by, this summer holiday will involve a lot of indoor play so it’s a good idea to stock up on some reading.

Our latest find is the Fairy Animals of Misty Wood series. We meet Chloe the Kitten, Bella the Bunny, Paddy the Puppy and Mia the Mouse. As well as an engaging story, each book contains extra pages with quizzes, competitions and craft activities.


When offered the four to read, Lily chose to start with Bella the Bunny and happily read the first chapter. Year 2 is all about chapter books and with only 6 chapters in a book, they can easily read one book in a week. Bella the Bunny is about a bunny (obvs) who opens flowers and finds a sad ladybird that looks different to everyone else. There’s lots of singing, prancing (yes that word is used) and flying.

She loves the story of Bella and is very excited to try the activities at the back once the book is over. Now I just have to hide the other three so she doesn’t read them all before the summer holiday begins!

Fairy Animals of Misty Wood by Lily Small – £4.99 Egmont Books

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