By - Mandy Daisel

London Mums United – Such a Cool Name for a Football Club

Doesn’t it sound like a proper London footie club, just add the FC at the back – London Mums United FC. Cool, isn’t it?

Hi, everyone, I am Mandy. I am a full-time mum, a passionate blogger obsessed with my son’s football, born and bred in London. I love my city and I love helping fellow humans. But above all – I love my kids.

I feel for new mums. I know their fears. I can relate to their concerns and worrying about anything but above anything – about their children.

Now, being a single parent is not a fair situation to be in, however, life is multi-coloured. It doesn’t only come in dark grey and black. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and a caring helping hand almost everywhere.

In my blog I intend to share life stories, difficulties overcome, problems solved, solutions found, worries put to rest, new ideas etc. Please feel free to use any info you find here to your own benefit without any bother. At the same time, I need to say that whatever worked for me, will not necessarily work for you.

I am not a doctor nor I am a lawyer. Please make your own research and obtain relevant advice before you take any action as a result of anything you have read here.

Are you ready to jump on this journey together with me?

Let’s go.

Initially I was planning to start blogging about anything but kids football. But…

Have you ever been to a kids football game?

Does your kid loves football? You see he’s got a great left foot and spends most of its playtime with a football. You are almost convinced he is the new Ronaldo or Messi. But what do you do to help him chase his dream?

Let’s talk about kids football. This subject I am quite familiar with. If you have a boy (or a girl to that matter) you are very likely to come in contact with the world of football. In London. It’s a total eye opener and a very good crash course into what really goes on with footballers, managers, scouts, coaches etc.

It all starts with your kid and a ball. You see the guy loves to kick his football and the more he does it the more you believe he must carry on doing this in order to progress further. You take him to a local grassroots football club and apply to get him accepted as a young cub (around the age of 5).

Great! Awesome! You are a proud mum whose son now trains with a London grassroots football club. You have to take him training once a week, pay some money each time (£1 p er session is normal), make sure he has all his gear – football socks, jersey, shorts, shin pads, football boots (on’t get me started on the subject of football boots). But this is only the beginning.

Now, I have a good tip for you, in case you want something more for your son’s football. Take him to another couple of places to train each week. Do not let that one weekly training make you think this is enough for him. Research private local football schools/academies. There a quite a few in the London and Essex areas. You are expected to pay around £5 per 1 hour session. Your boy will love you for it. Boys want to play with other like-minded boys and the game of football is the best thing to bring them together and have fun.

At the same time you are adding more hours of training to his young “career” which will make him a better footballer. Trust me, the number of people who go to extremes in order to provide their kids with the best training, kit and support is enormous. So the competition is unbearable but well worth experiencing as it makes your kid a stronger player.

London is a home to quite a few famous football clubs from all 4 tiers of the English Football League. Every parent with a kid able to move a ball a few metres from his feet is convinced his boy/girl is a future football star. But how many actually make it to a professional level and how many make it to the top?

I will continue in my next post with some statistic, a few stories, beginners’ advice and a joke or two ;).

Stay safe,